Calling All Santas










If you know somebody who looks like Santa, loves working with children and would like to earn some extra money this Xmas, please continue reading.

Where will they be working?

We are looking for Santa’s in these 5 areas:

Centurion,  Vanderbijlpark,  Roodepoort,  Brakpan,  Johannesburg South.

 What will they be doing?

Our Santa’s sit on their thrones and pose with young children for photographs during the festive season.












When do we need you?

Depending on your area, Santa’s usually work on the following dates:

30 Nov – 2 Dec, 7 – 9 Dec, 12 – 24th Dec.

The working hours are determined by each area but usually run from 10am to 6pm with breaks in between.

What Are the Requirements for Santa Jobs?

There are a few important requirements if you want to work as a professional Santa but we have kept it fairly simple:

  • The best Santa’s are usually elderly men (55 – 75) who are young at heart and enjoy working with children
  • Looking like Santa (white hair and beard) is a huge plus
  • If you have had too many pies over the past year and have a belly that’s a big bonus.
  • More importantly, you have to want to be Santa Claus, you should have a genuine love of Christmas and children.
  • Santa will need his own transport to and from the activation area.
  • Since we don’t know what Santa likes to eat, he must bring his own lunch and drinks.
  • The children get to know and love Santa so we request that he works for the full duration of the activation in one area.

Will Santa get paid?

Of course! Our Santa’s get paid anywhere between R350 – R800 per day depending on how closely they resemble the real Santa (beard, hair, belly, personality).

Will Santa be looked after?

 Definitely. Our Santa’s are our number one priority.

  • He gets lunch and rest breaks.
  • We arrange a safe parking area for his car if needed.
  • We arrange free parking tickets per day.
  • We provide him with his fitted Santa suit.
  • We give him sweets for the children buying photos.
  • He will be looked after by 3 friendly full time staff at the activation each day.
  • He will have an area to change into his Santa suit every day.

How can you get this job?

If you think you have what it takes to be Santa, please send your friendliest Santa smile photo, with the area that you live in, and your contact number to   chantal@zoomphoto.co.za or richard@zoomphoto.co.za and we will contact you.

Looking forward to meeting you Santa!!

The Zoom Team

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