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Corporate Photography

Photos speak volumes. Let them make an impression…

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is your company’s golden ticket to promote your brand and set a visual tone for your organization’s identity. These photos typically go on your company’s website, social media platforms, annual reports, stationery, brochures, and other marketing material. From professional staff portraits to headshots, corporate event photos, and product photos, we offer it all.

Our Corporate Photography Services

From company events, behind the scenes, product shoots, corporate headshots to business lifestyle photography, Zoom Corporate Photography has been serving clients in various industries, showcasing their corporate culture at its best.

We have a creative and personalized approach. A phone or video consultation with the client allows our photographers to plan the needs and note the expectations for the shoot. We get to know your company, learn its values, and understand the corporate image you wish the world to see. Whether it is a corporate shoot, portraits, capturing the best moments from an event, or highlighting the best part of your product, our photographers can do it all.

 Zoom Corporate Photography has successfully pleased hundreds of clients with our attention to detail and caring attitude. Our clients trust us for capturing the best shots, and we never disappoint them. 

Things that matters in corporate photos 

Corporate photos, be it the headshots of your staff or event photos, must match your brand. We at zoom corporate photography take that very seriously. There is no hard and fast “right and wrong” way of presenting yourself. It all depends on your brand image. But there’s a handful of factors that separate an excellent corporate photo from a bad one. Such as:


Some businesses like to keep it casual, while others have a dress code. We go with whatever your brand represents. However, whenever a client is looking for a suggestion, we recommend solid and neutral colours, especially for headshots. Anything that distracts the audience by the subject’s face must be avoided. We also advise our subjects to bring a jacket or a few clothing items along if they are unsure.


If humans are involved, posture matters. The body language of your team must convey confidence, authority, assertiveness, and self-control. The staff may include high-level executives or the lowest management. Whoever the subject is, it’s the photographer’s job to draw out their best qualities. Even though we are living in the digital world, many people are still camera shy. That’s no problem for us.

With a little communication, we break the ice and capture the best side of your team. From sitting tall to looking confident and approachable, we bring out the best in your people.


It’s impossible to take quality photos without getting the lighting right. The classic lighting setup works well in most situations, and we recommend always using lights for any professional portraits. Sometimes, skin tones require making slight adjustments to the lighting. White spots on the skin is a sign that the light is too intense. To overcome this problem, we use a softbox for shadow and soft highlights.

Reflections and shadows

These are the type of anomalies that influence the quality of the corporate image. If the subject of the shoot is wearing glasses, the glare on the glasses looks unprofessional. We choose the best angle to eliminate the glare and capture the photo in great lighting. Similarly, when shooting group photos, shadows are a common glitch. To avoid that, we space out the subjects or change the angle of the flashes to capture the right snap.

Warm-up exercise before the shoot

We help the subjects relax in front of the camera by asking them to pull a funny face for the first frame. This shot serves as a lighting test for a new person. It breaks the ice every time! Very few people refuse it. Once we are past this step, everything else becomes easy.

Pre-shoot consultation

Before the date of the shoot, a team member from zoom corporate photography may conduct a pre-shoot consultation. We like to know how the images will be used, and the style the client is looking to achieve. These sessions could be on the phone or face to face. 

These consultations serve as a warm-up session for our team and yours. It also ensures everyone is on the same page. It makes the shoot successful and brings you one step closer to your goal.

Zoom corporate photography is always available to answer any questions a client may have.

Why work with us?

We let the quality of our work do the talking. In this ever-competitive world, every business is struggling to compete. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to offer something great, something unique that resonates with your audience.

Our clients and customers are our biggest asset. The friendly and experienced staff at zoom corporate photography leaves no stone unturned to deliver the best services. Our team of photographers has continued to prove themselves over the years. High-quality photos are what you will get.

We prefer working closely with our clients to make sure expectations are met. 

Do you have an upcoming corporate event? Are you looking for new employee headshots or want to showcase a new product? Contact us now, to schedule a consultation.


Annual Report Photography

We can make most people look good, but we also have a knack with other critical elements of your business. If it’s important for you to do business, then it’s important for us to photograph, so let us capture your fleet, staff, call centre, signage, factories, shops, or IT componentry, for use in your reporting or marketing literature.


Retain the corporate look and feel that your customers and stakeholders expect, but let ZooM add its personal shot of creativity that will give your document individuality and style.

Corporate Videos

If your stakeholders require something a little more sophisticated than a brochure, we can translate your corporate statement onto video. From initial storyboards and scriptwriting, shooting, editing, through to final production, we’ll create the perfect company representation that can be instantly downloaded worldwide.

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