Corporate Videography

Showcase Your Products and Services Using Video...

Corporate Video Production

Build your brand, gain consumer trust, and add a human touch to your business with corporate videography.

As corporate video production is on the rise, more and more businesses have started considering videos as a necessary aspect of their marketing plan. It’s time to move away from traditional methods like webinars and white papers to reach your target audience. Use corporate videos to catch their attention.

At Zoom Corporate Video Production, we understand your business, consider your budget and needs for creating targeted video content that hit your goals just right.

Our Corporate Video Services 

We create all popular types of corporate videos. Our services include:

Company Profile Video

These videos allow you to introduce your company to consumers and stakeholders. It gives a broad but short overview of your company, its services, and anything else about your business. The company profile video may also include your company’s history, purpose, or the CEO’s message. These videos help potential customers understand your business and engage with your company.

Promotional Videos 

Promotional videos are more specific to a product or service. These videos work well on broadcasting platforms such as social media channels or TV. These videos promote your product, encourage brand recognition and brand familiarity. They also work well for creating consumer awareness.

Events and Launches 

If you are the type of business that continues to organize events time and again, or you are planning to launch a few products in the future, our corporate videography services also cover videos for events and launches. Make your audience familiar with all the happenings in your company. Let live those events even if they weren’t physically a part of them.

Testimonial Video Production

These live-action videos come a long way in building consumer trust. They also highlight the personality of your business. With testimonial videos, you can talk about the history of your company, review a product or service, highlight the unique personality of your brand, or go behind the scenes.

Social Media Videos

It’s hard to survive without social media today. Hence, every business needs short videos to share on social media. We have that covered. Based on your marketing campaign, social media videos are a great way to make sure your business is always on the mind of your audience.

Factory and Showroom Videos 

want to take your audience behind the scenes? Let them know how things work at the back end with a tour of your factory or showroom. Videos like these attract customers and stakeholders.

Videos Help You Reach Your Goals

Corporate videos can do so much more than raise brand awareness. By showcasing your business through corporate videography, you can attract new customers and build rapport with your current clientele. Why miss out on such a great benefit? If you haven’t yet made use of corporate videography, you could be missing out. Don’t be among the late adopters. 

Not sure how it’s done? Don’t let that keep you from tapping into the power of corporate videos. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way. Whatever your goal is, let’s work together to achieve it.

Our Process

Zoom Video Production prefers keeping everything simple. Here’s what our process looks like:


It’s the first step of the process that involves brainstorming the concept, talking about your budget, and getting the script ready. We sit and have a thorough discussion with your team to understand your brand, vision, and the goal you would like to achieve from the video.


Once we are on the same page as the client, then a date will be booked for filming. 

Post Production

This stage includes editing, adding final touches, sound effects, and preparing the video’s final draft for the client’s feedback.

Benefits of Corporate Video Production

Videos tell a story in a fun and exciting way. Videos have the power to leave an imprint on the minds of the viewers. You have the ability to be creative and show your brand personality. Even if it’s a video of a few seconds, it can still have lasting effects, especially more lasting than plain text.

It’s not just your target audience that you are catering to. In the digital world, a brand competes on various platforms to gain a top spot on search engines. Videos have got you covered. Search engines favour well-documented videos with crisp descriptions and tags. Even if you are a small business, high-quality corporate videos can give you an edge. Big search engines like Google will favour your brand over others.

Videos allow your target audience to have a feel of your product, services, or even the company itself even if they haven’t bought anything from you. They help build a connection. And if your videos have an exclusive jingle or music, you can light up the listeners' mood. It’s a win-win!

What Type Of Corporate Video Is Right For My Business?

Are you interested in corporate videography but not sure what type of video would be right for your brand? No worries, we are here to help. We suggest our clients to look into the customer journey and identify where they want to reach their customers in their journey. Then, we can recommend the most appropriate type of corporate video.

For more guidance simply contact us about the cool corporate video idea you have in your head, get in touch with us. We will have a discovery call to help you figure out where to begin.

Annual Report Photography

We can make most people look good, but we also have a knack with other critical elements of your business. If it’s important for you to do business, then it’s important for us to photograph, so let us capture your fleet, staff, call centre, signage, factories, shops, or IT componentry, for use in your reporting or marketing literature.


Retain the corporate look and feel that your customers and stakeholders expect, but let ZooM add its personal shot of creativity that will give your document individuality and style.

Corporate Videos

If your stakeholders require something a little more sophisticated than a brochure, we can translate your corporate statement onto video. From initial storyboards and scriptwriting, shooting, editing, through to final production, we’ll create the perfect company representation that can be instantly downloaded worldwide.