Journalist Monkey Headshots

A hilarious new meme is trending on Twitter with a picture of a monkey that has absolutely nailed the look, stance and expression of professional headshots used by journalists around the world.

Dubbed “journalist monkey”, the observation was first made by Twitter user @RuchoSharma, who pointed out that every journalist headshot looks exactly the same at the photogenic primate.

Many journalists have joined in on the joke, uploading their headshots and showing exactly how similar they look by laying them out side-by-side.

So why do so many journalists and professional headshots look this way?

Well it’s all for good reason. Aside from conveying professionalism and class, the pose also shows confidence and approachability. Here are the three ways it happens:

  1. It shifts your weight!

You know how the camera adds 5kg when you stand in front of the lens? Well photographers learnt how to shake it off and to make you slimmer. We practically invented ‘turn to your better side’. By turning your body to the side and only rotating your shoulders to the camera you are creating a very slimming effect that makes you appear more confident!

  1. It creates dimension

The trick to professional looking portraits is not in the light but in the shadows. You want your photo to have a whole range of light and shadow in them. The shadow will typically be on just one side of the face. This allows the subject to feel at ease especially when the try to hide a double chin or any pimples that will make them feel self-conscious about their photoshoot.

  1. It invites people to approach you.

By turning your body to the side, you appear less threatening and more friendly. Just make sure that you are looking at the camera with a bright smile.

Use these 3 tips on your next shoot or better yet try them now in your office and share the outcome with us. We would love to see if this makes you more comfortable in front of the camera.

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